Dimple Piercing

What is Dimple Piercing?

Dimple piercing is also known as cheek piercing. It is done on two sides of your cheeks. It is called dimple piercing because many young ladies prefer it to conceal dimples on their face.

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What should You Consider in Selecting Piercing Saloon?

There are numerous piercing saloons available today. This makes selecting the best piercing saloon an arduous task for many people interested in this type of style.

However, having a good criterion can help you differentiate these piercing saloons and choose the best. Below are some criteria to help you choose a piercing saloon:

  • Try as much as possible to assess the services of more than one piercing saloon and compare their services.
  • You can look at how professional the staffs are in performing the piercing tasks like marking the site of piercing and cleaning. In addition find out the piercing equipments used.
  • Also remember to obtain a budget quotation from those piercing saloons. Analyze the budget and select the piercing saloon with quality services.
  • You can also ask your friends and family members to show you some of the best piercing saloon.

A professional piercing saloon will guarantee you best services and a safe piercing experience. Avoid piercing saloons from friends whose piercers have little knowledge and skills in facial piercing.

How are your Cheeks Pierced?

Before your cheeks are pierced, you have to clean the exact place where piercing will be made properly with antibacterial soap. This is done to kill bacteria that may be present at the site of piercing and prevent any bacterial infection.

Once you have finished cleaning your cheeks, wash your mouth with an antibacterial solution to kill any harmful microorganisms inside your cheeks.

Your piercer marks the exact piercing sites on your cheeks using a marker. Then your piercer pushes a sterilized needle in your cheeks. Once the procedure is finished, your piercer inserts the jewelry into the piercings on your cheeks.

What Happens during Piercing?

Your cheeks have many blood vessels which can be damaged during the process. You will experience pain but this will vary among individuals because of different pain tolerance among people. Bleeding is also common but stops after a short while.


There are many types of jewelry one can put in the dimple piercing. They include:

Straight barbell

Straight barbell is a type of jewelry with rings on either side. This jewelry is suitable for dimple piercing and tongue.

Labret study

Labret stud is a type of jewelry with a flat disc on one side while the other side contains a bead.


There are various styles a person can choose to pierce the cheeks. They include:

High cheek piercing

High cheek piercing is also known as upper or cheekbone. In this style, your piercer makes piercing below your eye but on top of the cheekbone.

Dermal cheek piercing

In dermal cheek piercing, two components called anchor and interchangeable jewelry are used. The anchor is inserted below your skin. The jewelry is attached in the hole of the anchor.

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One merit of dermal piercing jewelry is that it causes little scarring of your cheeks when detached. But, there is possibility of dermal jewelry being rejected by your body over some period. In some cases, people have complained of developing headache after removing the jewelry.

Why Size of Dimple Jewelry is Important?

Size of jewellery is important in dimple piercing healing. A large jewelry should be used immediately after piercing is completed. This is because large jewelry offers a big space for your cheek tissues to expand and swell after the process (piercing).

Take Care

Having a good aftercare dimple piercing plan will speed up your healing . It will also prevent infections at the site of piercing. You can use the following:

Apply salt solution

You can take care of your dimple piercing wound by cleaning it with salt solution regularly. Salt solution is easy to prepare while at home. To prepare it, add 2-3 teaspoonful of salt to 8 glasses of water to form the solution.

Take a cotton pad and soak it in the solution and then apply it on the pierced dimple. Apply salt solution thrice per day. This helps in keeping bacteria away from pierced site and protects you against infections.

Change soaps

In some circumstances, people may develop rashes or mild irritation at the dimple piercing site due to use of particular antibacterial soaps.

When this occurs, try using a different antibacterial soap. Changing of soaps may prevent spread of infections.

Rinse your mouth with salt solution

After meals, wash your mouth with salt solution. This will help prevent infections inside your cheeks. However, avoid using mouthwash liquid that contains alcohol because they it can worsen the symptoms.

Observe good oral health

Brush your teeth frequently after meals. Also visit your dentist regularly for dental checkup. Your dentist will help you treat gum infections and prevent other oral cavity infections.

How Long Does a Dimple Piercing take to Heal?

Time taken for a dimple piercing wound to heal various among individuals. Usually, healing takes three months. However, for some people dimple piercing wound may take longer to heal completely.

This depends on aftercare plan people are using to manage the wound. Those individuals who clean their wound regularly with salt solution are more likely to get healed faster than those who don’t use it.


Dimple piercing may cause the following complications:


Dimple piercing jewelry when removed can leave a permanent scar on your dimple.

Gum infections

Your gums can be infected if you fail to take care of your dimples properly before and after piercing. Dimple piercing can damage the saliva duct in your cheek exposing your gums to infections.

As a result of saliva duct damage, you become more vulnerable to other oral cavity infections.

Gum and other oral infections are serious and affected people must seek medical attention immediately.

Dimple piercing migration

Dimple piercing spot can move to another place on your cheek when you play with the jewelry. This may cause scarring on your cheeks.

Infected Dimple Piercing


The most common symptoms of an infected dimple piercing are:

  • The piercing area becomes swollen, tender and numb.
  • In severe cases, pus may ooze out from your dimples.


If your dimple piercing is infected and the home care regime does not seem to work effectively, you should see a doctor.

The doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to treat the infection.

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