Cricoid Cartilage

What is Cricoid Cartilage? Cricoid Cartilage is a ring-shaped structure found at the top of the trachea and at the

Lingual Tonsil

What Is Lingual Tonsil? Lingual Tonsil is located in your oral opening and comprise mainly of lymphoid tissue. Tonsils protect

Skene Gland

What Is Skene Gland? Skene gland is also called paraurethral gland, periurethral gland and lesser vestibular. This gland is found

Torus Palatinus

What Is Torus Palatinus? Torus palatinus are bony growths on the palate or roof of your mouth. The growths are

Mandibular Fossa

What Is Mandibular Fossa? Mandibular fossa is a section in the temporal bone of your skull. It is responsible for